Special Needs Holidays

DART holidays for all needs

Our holidays are suitable for anyone with physical, visual, aural or learning disabilities, together with their carers, families and friends. Most of our trips will include a mixture of people – different ages, different abilities and different personalities!

We welcome:

  • Unaccompanied individuals
  • People with a carer(s)
  • People with other family members
  • People with friends
  • Small groups with one or more carers and
  • Participants needing respite care, so that their regular carers can have a break.
  • Note: personal care

Our volunteers will remind our holidaymakers to take medication, to shower and take care of personal hygiene.  However, we can’t provide close personal care. We recommend that you discuss the care requirements needed with us prior to booking. Often we can suggest ways to help, such as booking an extra place for a carer. We will do our best to find a solution and make the holiday happen.

If you have any questions about whether one of our riverboat holidays is suitable for you, please get in touch. We also welcome enquiries from carers and family members. There’s more information about our specially equipped boats here.