Closure of DART 2019

To those that enjoyed a holiday with us this 2019 season we hope you had a wonderful time and made lots of happy memories, from all your feedback you certainly did. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our volunteers without whom none of these trips would have been possible.

The Trust has been going for well over 28 years, during which time we have given many clients the opportunity to experience as independent a holiday as possible with many clients going on to become regulars. We have seen clients arriving on their first trip both nervous and excited, but under the careful guidance of our volunteers learning new tasks be it lock keeping, steering or cooking but most importantly going on to make new friends and coming back to meet with them year after year.

Over the past three seasons the Trustees have been reviewing the Trust and its operations, after careful review they have taken the difficult decision to close the Trust at the end of 2019. It has not been taken lightly, it was important for everyone who gives time to the Trust that we had the best possible year to finish on and 2019 was certainly that.

We do realise of course that DART’s closure may leave a void for many clients and their families, we know there are other opportunities out there for you to take trips and go away and we would signpost you to your local council SEND offer page which will give you other ideas of places and companies that might be able to help you.

All remaining funds within the Trust (once all costs have been paid) will be split amongst Charities chosen by the Trustees, so we hope that that in a small way their windfall may indeed assist many of our regular clients in the future.

It has been a privilege for both the Trustees, Sue in the office and all our volunteers to get to know you and your families over the years and we would all like to thank you for all your past custom.

We wish you all the very best for the future with continued health and happiness.

Very Best wishes,


Sue and All the Trustees

Bryan, Myra, Rowan, Kerenza and Jenny